Health is the most valuable commodity there is. We hear this statement all too often. Especially at times when things are not going well with yourself or a loved one for a while. Or even worse: around death and funerals. But if health is so important to everyone, why are we so little concerned with what is truly healthy?

In the vitality program Health & Lifestyle Month, we teach you what is truly healthy using the latest scientific insights from lifestyle medicine. What you can do yourself to boost your health and energy levels. And what you should especially leave out to minimize the chance of getting a chronic disease.

Health is the basis for any kind of Wellbeing & Performance. Therefore, with our specialists in this program, you can give your relationship with health a positive spin for good.

All our programs are available in both Dutch and English.

Customized activation campaign

The program starts with a customized activation campaign featuring health expert Joep Rovers or top hockey player Sander de Wijn. The goal here is to create as much support as possible within your organization, because ultimately it is the employee himself who chooses to get started with a healthy lifestyle. The program will then kick off with a live kick off on important health hacks that can be applied immediately to give your body a healthy boost.

Different lifestyle themes

During the rest of the program, various specialists will talk about how to prevent/reduce chronic diseases, how good sleep and biorhythms can help you reduce health issues, and the positive effects exercise and strength training can have on your health and the performance you need to achieve.

Lots of opportunity for inspiration

In addition to the many interactive live moments (webinars) with specialists, EnergyBoosters and inspiring content, you can also participate in the healthy lifestyle experience. This week full of tasks, such as cold showering and drinking less coffee, will positively change your relationship with your health forever.

Healthy Lifestyle Experience

What can you expect from Health & Lifestyle Month?

All major lifestyle topics are covered.

Latest insights from lifestyle medicine.

How to reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

Knowledge about reducing existing symptoms.

Lots of inspiration from lifestyle medicine.

What does it provide?

Latest knowledge about your health.

A new positive relationship between you and your health.

Self-insight, behavior change and personal growth.

Practical tips and tools to increase vitality in the workplace.

Interconnect with all the people in your organization.

More energy than ever before.

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