Sept. 30 to Oct. 18, 2024

& Flow

With Floris Evers

Where focus goes, energy flows

Flourishing: making full use of all your talents and qualities. A state in which your energy flows richly and achievement or many fronts seems to come easier to you. The ultimate you can achieve is to flourish. But how can you achieve this feeling and what does it take to get into a flow?

In this 3-week Flourish & Flow program, based on many scientific studies, years of experience in business and elite sports, we will do everything we can to help you flourish (even more). All this under the inspiring leadership of former captain of the Dutch field hockey team, Peak4 executive coach, yoga teacher, mediator and experienced leadership trainer Floris Evers, Olympic top swimmer Sebastiaan Verschuren and sports psychologists.

The Flourish & Flow Program is from Sept. 30 to Oct. 18, 2024.

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If anyone can tell you anything about flourishing it is field hockey legend Floris Evers. In his impressive career, he played as many as 229 international matches and won two silver Olympic medals. After his elite sports career, he focused on helping leaders, teams and organizations thrive as an executive coach and mediator. Floris is a Peak4 coach, a welcome guest in many a boardroom and is a Master of Arts in History.


Floris Evers and Tijs Koedam start and discuss the program with an online Kick-off or a live Kick-off on location.


The environment is full of EnergyBoosters, challenges and a rock-solid Academy with applicable content.


All topics within the PERMA-V model will come up during interactive live moments.


Each week is dedicated to challenging and inspiring challenges to expand your awareness.

What to expect

A wonderful program to flourish (even) more with your colleagues.
Research shows that only 14% of working people in Europe* thrive. This automatically means that 86% of people do not. This, of course, is a mortal sin when you consider how many hours you work per week.

In collaboration with Peak4 executive coach and field hockey legend Floris Evers
Multiple interactive live moments daily
Inspiring experts, top athletes and scientists speak out
Challenging EnergyBoosters
Academy with in-depth content such as podcasts, articles and TED Talks
Floris Evers talks with Tijs Koedam during an episode of On the Bike with…

Flow is an unconscious state of euphoria in the here and now that leads to excellence. Flow is manufacturable. The more conditions you optimize, the more likely you are to get into a flow. Because although every flow passes, the memory of that flow lingers for a very long time.

What can you expect from The Flourish & Flow Program?

Learn what a thriving life can do for you.

Learn where you can make a positive change .

Learn to tackle negative emotions or experiences.

Learn what can enhance your positive emotions.

Learn how to get energy from engagement.

Learn how positive and inspiring connection can lead to positive emotions.

Learn how to become aware of your purpose and meaning of life.

Learn how to challenge yourself in positive and progressive ways.


Positive Emotions











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