November 4 to 22, 2024

Recharge & Perform

With Olympic Champion Mark Tuitert

We experience 5x more stimuli today than in the 1980s. Our brain is constantly on. We are challenged to perform every day while being distracted on all sides. People who know how to handle pressure and distractions well are elite athletes. From Nov. 4 to 22, 2024.

What they learned is that our bodies grow at rest: supercompensation. In order to grow and perform, it is essential that you have sufficient recovery moments in your daily activities. This is the basis of growth.

Performance is demanded in the workplace, but performance is often confused with always working hard. Are we working too hard or not paying enough attention to rest and relaxation? At a time when the world is changing so rapidly, it is essential that you have sufficient recovery moments in your daily life, but also give your brain space to come up with new creative ideas. In fact, being able to be creative is one of the most important traits of the 21st century. Creativity used to be seen as something fun, but today it is essential to be of value in the future.

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Mark Tuitert is the ambassador of the Recharge & Perform Program. As an Olympic Champion, best-selling author, public speaker and successful entrepreneur, he knows all about recharging and recovering at the right time to perform at the very highest level as well.

Customized activation campaign

This consists of a video of a top Olympic athlete and printed materials and texts for internal communications. We kick off the month with an online kickoff by Olympic Champion Mark Tuitert.

Specialists and elite Olympic athletes

At various times throughout the week you can participate in the live moment of the week hosted by our specialists and top athletes.

EnergyBoosters, Academy & Experience

The EnergyBoosters and Academy are filled with videos, podcasts and articles. During the Recharge & Perform Experience , you will do challenging assignments daily.

What to expect

An Inspiring Kick-off from Olympic Champion Mark Tuitert
The themes of Focus, Relaxation and Creativity, specially selected for this Recharge & Perform program
Engage in recharge and recovery to perform at the right times
A proven effective program for the entire organization
Stimulating EnergyBoosters with immediately applicable tips and tools
Interactive live moments in the morning, afternoon and evening
Inspiring experts, top athletes and scientists speak out
Five different challenging challenges during the Recharge & Perform Experience
Academy with ironclad content such as podcasts, articles and TED Talks
Opportunity to upgrade your program with on-site workshops

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