Live on location

With our hybrid approach of online programs and on-site workshops, we offer solutions for all the people in your organization.

With Workshops, Inspirationals and Team Training, we are also at your location. So we offer the scalability, measurable impact, flexibility and anonymity of online, combined with connection and even more impact offline.

We work with executive coaches, experts, scientists, doctors and top Olympic athletes. The topics listed below are just a sampling of the total physical training offerings. Contact us for more information or specific training sessions!

Flourish & Flow

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High Performance Mindset

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Recharge & Perform

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Vital Leadership

Workshops & Webinars

Workshops: up to 20 participants 60-90 minutes per training session

Webinars: up to 150 participants 45-60 minutes per training session

Our programs, theme weeks and specials are shaped in part by inspiring interactive workshops and webinars. Some of the topics we cover can also be taken separately.

Staat het onderwerp wat jij wilt behandelen in de organisatie er niet bij? Neem dan contact met ons op. Onze coaches zijn gespecialiseerd in verschillende specifieke onderwerpen.

The Power of Meaning

Part of Work Stress Week

Creativity as the engine of growth

Part of Recharge & Perform

Diversity & Inclusion

Part of Diversity Day

Build your own Dream Team

Part of Recharge & Perform

The 6 Steps of Behavioral Change

Part of National Vitality Week 2023

Discover your (work) flow

Part of Work Stress Week

Rest & Relaxation

Part of Recharge & Perform

Positive thinking
Psychological Security

Part of Vital Leadership


Part of Day & Night Energy

Resilience: coping with adversity and change

Part of National Vitality Week 2023

Nutrition & Exercise

Part of National Vitality Week 2023

Wellbeing & Performance

Part of Mental Wellbeing Month 2023

Work-life balance

Part of National Vitality Week 2023

MDIEU scheme: costs of our vitality programs may be includable for your organization within the MDIEU scheme. If desired, we can refer to an intermediary.

The combination of online and offline

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