March 18 to 29 and June 10 to 21

Head, Heart & Hormones

With Dr. Janneke Wittekoek

In today’s world, we see a troubling trend: an increasing number of talented women are dropping out. Not because of a lack of ability, but because of physical and mental stressors unique to their bodies. It is a fact that the female body, including the female heart, is substantially different from that of men. However, health care is still largely focused on the male body, so the specific needs of women are often overlooked.

In this program we relate the functioning of the heart, head and hormones in women. By doing so, we create awareness and understanding in the workplace among both women and men. With this program, we work to promote an organizational climate that is not only inclusive, but also contributes to optimal and sustainable performance.

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The Head, Heart & Hormones Special

Head, Heart & Hormones is a wonderful program designed to address women’s unique health challenges. Janneke Wittekoek, the expert behind the program, is on the front lines of the fight for a better understanding of women’s health. As a cardiologist, health scientist and entrepreneur with a passion for preventive care, her insights are at the heart of the Head, Heart & Hormones program.

  • The Interaction between Head, Heart & Hormones.
  • The effect of the menstrual cycle and menopause on health, body and work.
  • Strategies for stress management and preventing heart disease.
  • How to identify risk factors and optimize lifestyle for sustained performance.

Why this program?

Women drop out of the workplace 50% more often than men. 90% of people with a stress attack are women.

1 in 5 women fear job when discussing menopause-related symptoms.

Women with regular menopause symptoms are 6.5 times more likely to fail to meet the physical demands of work.

At dropout, 94% of women do not say they are menopause-related symptoms.

More than a quarter are afraid of damaging career opportunities if one comes out to her female complaints.

25% of Dutch people have cholesterol that is too high. This is the No. 1 risk factor when it comes to cardiovascular disease.

Bron: CBS – More women than men with psychological complaints, TNO Rapport Overgangsklachten

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