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Who we are

We create impactful vitality programs that people want to participate in. For teams and organizations. To be taken separately or included in a full year program. All with a focus on Health, Wellbeing & Performance.

Work is top priority for our society and the workplace demands performance. Whether in healthcare, education, business services or government. Performing is important. And to perform well, it is essential to keep your body and mind healthy and vital. To be well in your energy and create enough space for rest and recovery.

We create vitality programs that contribute directly to the Health, Wellbeing & Performance of people and companies. Programs that really make a difference. Who thereby contribute to your organization and ensure engaged employees. We make people more resilient in a world where this is desperately needed, and we teach people to work smarter rather than harder.

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Our Team

A team of energetic and entrepreneurial people: we are a mix of behavioral and health scientists, top Olympic athletes and driven specialists. We also work intensively with various well-known experts, doctors, top athletes and partner organizations. As a result, we always provide the right knowledge and expertise.

“People don’t get burnout from working hard but from working hard on the wrong things.” Watch the TED Talk by CEO and Founder Tijs Koedam.

10 years of experience in vitality

10 years ago, we began our mission to make the workplace more positive, energetic and human. We create work environments where performance and taking good care of yourself go hand in hand. So that employees can continue to perform in a healthy and sustainable manner.

Over the past 10 years, we have rolled out our vitality programs at more than 250 different companies. So that employees can continue to perform in a healthy and sustainable manner. Thanks to this experience, we have become wiser. We learned what works and what doesn’t, what motivates people and what doesn’t, and what specialists appeal and don’t appeal. We translate all this knowledge and experience into our programs today.

Top quality
We set the bar high. Our services are rated 8.4.
We always work with specialists, scientists, doctors and elite athletes.
We have the most unique and user-friendly platform.
Activation and communication
With our activation and communication, we ensure high participation rates.