April 2 to 19, 2024

High Performance Mindset

Three-week program

What is it that makes one team perform better than another? In today’s dynamic world, it is more important than ever to collaborate effectively and contribute to a joint effort. In this three-week program, we cover the themes of trust, conflict, commitment, accountability and results using the Lencioni model.

Mutual trust and psychological safety are the foundation of effective teamwork and essential to unleashing talent and creating value. Successful teams are characterized by constructive conflict and open communication, where members have clear responsibilities and expectations and are committed to shared goals, even if it means setting aside individual goals. Fostering ownership and commitment is crucial here to achieve goals and contribute to the organization’s mission.

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Week 1: Confidence
Trust is the foundation of good teamwork. Well-functioning teams have a high degree of mutual trust and dare to be vulnerable. In this, psychological safety is essential to allow talent to flourish and create value. People need to work in a place where they can and want to use their talents.

Week 2: Conflict and Involvement
In a successful team, people have constructive conflicts. As a result, others’ perspectives and ideas are listened to more. You can’t hold each other accountable until you know what to expect from each other. You cannot address each other until you know what to expect from the other. What is your job? And how do you increase the overall engagement of your team?

Week 3: Responsibility and Results
Do team members feel responsible for achieving goals? Do people take responsibility for behavior and performance? By creating more ownership you will achieve better performance. In addition, achieving goals and contributing to the overall mission is essential. Shared goals come first and people are willing to put aside individual goals.


Program is available 24/7 in both Dutch and English

Post-program evaluation report and advice

Activation and communication campaign to activate participants

Time investment for participants 4 hours for the entire program

Developed in collaboration with top Olympic athletes and specialists

Stimulating and activating EnergyBoosters and weekly Challenges

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