September 23 to 29, 2024

National Vitality Week

Jubilee edition

The 10th edition of National Vitality Week

From September 23 to 29, 2024, the 10th edition of National Vitality Week will take place. This anniversary edition is a wonderful time to join with government, business and community organizations to pay attention to what we hold most dear: our vitality. Studies show that investing in employee vitality pays off on multiple levels. National Vitality Week is a great opportunity to pay attention to this in an energetic, impactful and approachable way.

In collaboration with Vitalogical, we cover a topic based on the Vitality Disk of Five each workday. There are multiple times daily to join an interactive online session. For additional depth, you can attend the connecting EnergyBoosters and Academy. In addition to the online portion, there is also the opportunity to take inspirational workshops on site with the theme of the day.

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What to expect

Topics selected especially for National Vitality Week
A boost in vitality awareness for all your employees
A proven effective program for the entire organization
A new challenging EnergyBooster every day
Interactive live moments in the morning, afternoon and evening
Inspiring experts, top athletes and scientists speak out
Academy with ironclad content such as podcasts, articles and TED Talks
Opportunity to upgrade your program with on-site workshops
National Vitality Week 2022 Scored an 8.4

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The Vitality Disc of Five

This new disk of five: the vitality disk, is an integral vitality model and tool that shows at a glance how you can live more vitally and what knob you can “turn” to bring this about.

The vitality wheel is a holistic approach to the concept of vitality. In our view, vitality consists of being in cadence of a number of aspects: vitalogical, physiological, psychological, ecological, philosophical. Feeling vital is a good cadence between body (physiological), mind (psychological), environment (ecological) and meaning (philosophical), so it is about dissecting energy.

Work happiness
Nutrition & Exercise
Work-Private Balance
Behavior Change


You can upgrade the National Vitality Week online program with on-site workshops at your organization. This allows you to offer both an online and offline program to your employees. Workshop topics also revolve around the Vitality Disk of Five.

Vitality As Priority
Exercise while working
Stress; Bring it on!
Private work cadence
Boost your work happiness

How it works

Consultation with customer success

You will be paired with your Customer Success Manager. In the start-up meeting, you determine which programs to include in the annual program and activations and upgrades are discussed.

Setting up the program

We will work to get the annual program, activation campaign and all communication tools ready. You only need to take care of a few practical matters in this regard.

Ready for launch consultation

In a second meeting with your Customer Success Manager, we go over everything and there is a final check before launch. Upon agreement, you will receive the communication and activation package.

START National Vitality Week!

After initial activations, initial information is sent to employees, who have immediate access to the program. Let’s go!


With our EnergyPlatform, we relieve you of all your worries. Think of the system as the beating heart of the Health, Wellbeing & Performance annual program. Through this we activate, inform and enthuse all employees and organize our impactful and powerful programs.

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