Health, Wellbeing & Performance annual program

Ten years of vitality experience in one comprehensive annual program

With EnergyPlatform’s Health, Wellbeing & Performance Annual Program, you get a unique, innovative and high-quality program for all employees.

A fixed-price program covering all Health, Wellbeing & Performance topics. Offered by specialists, top Olympic athletes and doctors. Moreover, these are always paired with creative and innovative customized activation campaigns so that creating support has never been easier.

Knowledge & inspiration from Top Athletes & Specialists

With this program, you offer employees a unique opportunity to participate in various programs throughout the year. Programs in which they are inspired and stimulated by specialists, top athletes and doctors: all top professionals in their fields. They convey knowledge in a unique and innovative way, so you can achieve big results with small adjustments.

A comprehensive program

Each year, all current and important topics are covered. We do this in a combination of interactive live moments (webinars), the ability to watch back (on demand), Experiences, EnergyBoosters and with an inspiring Academy with TEDTalks, podcasts, articles and the best book tips.

High participation rate through innovative activation campaign

The Health, Wellbeing & Performance Annual Program always comes inclusive of a customized activation campaign. This is tailored to your own organization, every program component. We take this completely out of your hands. This ensures a participation rate of 30-80% (2022). You can further upgrade the program with unique activation opportunities and inspiring on-site activities. As a partner, you always purchase these at a minimum 30% discount.

Our Programs

In collaboration with well-known specialists, elite athletes, physicians and partner organizations, we develop powerful, innovative and impactful vitality programs on various Health, Wellbeing & Performance themes. These programs run on a fixed period in the year that you as an organization can join, but the programs can also be purchased separately for your own organization at any time during the year.

Mental Wellbeing MontH

Wellbeing & Performance
Behavior Change
Mental Wellbeing Experience

Health & Lifestyle Month

Healthy Lifestyle Experience

Flourish & Flow Program

Flourishing and Flow
Positive Emotions

Work happiness
Flourish & Flow Experience

Recharge & Perform

Rest and Relaxation

Recharge Experience

National Vitality Week

Join the program we put together on current vitality topics or create your own Vitality Week.

Week of Work Stress

Give this week a positive spin by joining our unique program on resilience.

All our programs can also be taken individually without Annual Subscription. For more information, visit the program page.

How it works


Decide by mutual agreement whether you want to include 2, 3 or 4 of the programs below in your annual program. And whether you still want to deploy any activations or upgrades.


You will be paired with your own Customer Success Manager for a 45-minute start-up meeting where we discuss all the practical issues.


We get to work setting up the program and making it communications and activation campaign ready. In doing so, you only need to take care of a few practical matters internally.


A second meeting with your Customer Success Manager will follow. We go over everything and check that we are ready for launch. Upon agreement, you will receive the communication and activation package.


Initial information will be sent to employees. These sign up and have immediate access to the program. Let’s go!

What can you expect from the Health, Wellbeing & Performance Annual Program?

Always interactive 60-minute live sessions with well-known specialists, top Olympic athletes and doctors: all top experts in their fields.

A complete annual program, always up to date with current topics, the latest scientific knowledge and insights.

Direct contribution to Employee Health, Wellbeing & Performance. Our programs are regularly experienced as life changing.

Always interactive live sessions in morning, afternoon, evening and even on weekends (also fun for the family).

Fresh, energetic, creative and always interactive.

We use a unique program management system EnergyPlatform, developed by ourselves. Very user-friendly and with many advantages. Interactive EnergyBoosters, an inspiring Academy and complete de-risking in and out of live sessions. In addition, we chart results based on (anonymized) group data.

With a participation rate of 30 – 80% (2022) and an average score of an 8.4.

Unique and innovative campaigns tailored to your organization. Creating support and enthusing employees has never been easier.

Always the possibility to ask a personal question to our specialists 24/7 (response within 24 hours).

All this for a fixed price per program, and a minimum 30% discount on all additional products and services, customized at the individual, team and organizational level.


With our program management system EnergyPlatform, we relieve you of all your worries. Think of the system as the beating heart of the Health, Wellbeing & Performance annual program. With this we activate, inform and enthuse all employees and organize our impactful and powerful programs.



Telling your story to your employees in a unique and innovative way? Through the interactive StoryCard, you can activate a large group of employees.


With inspiring interactive 100% biodegradable printed materials such as a poster or magazine, motivate employees to join the vitality program.


An EnergyWalk is a walk 3.0, through which we literally get your audience moving and taking them with a digital story into the real world. Let your senses be stimulated!


Tijs Koedam in conversation with directors, health managers, physicians and specialists to share inspiring stories about Health, Wellbeing & Performance.



Serve all employees with on-site inspiration sessions or a comprehensive EnergyScan measurement, for example.


A single interactive session or entire program on Vital Leadership: an upgrade for all managers and team leaders.


With individual team trainings or the Team Performance Program, you and your team work together to connect and optimize team energy.


For organizations up to 1,000 employees, we have fixed prices. Do you have more employees? If so, we always provide a customized quote.

The Health, Wellbeing & Performance Annual Program is for any organization, from 10 to 10,000+ employees

The program is available in Dutch and/or English.

Contact us

We are happy to help you select current topics relevant to your organization. Please contact us using the form below. We are happy to think with you. Are you already a customer? Then contact your own Customer Success Manager for customized advice.

EnergyPlatform video


We are proud of the unique and innovative program management system we developed ourselves. With EnergyPlatform, we are able to completely unburden our clients. From startup to activation and from program management to making results transparent. EnergyPlatform is very user-friendly and can be used via both desktop and smartphone.

After more than 10 years, we know what we are doing. Would you also like to contribute directly to the Health, Wellbeing & Performance of employees in your company? If so, we are happy to create a program for this. Let’s go!

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