September 9 to 20, 2024

Mental Wellbeing

Two-week program

4 inspiring weeks with top athletes and specialists

Did you know that our brain today takes in some 174 newspapers of information per day? And that we experience over five times more stimuli than in the 1980s? In addition, developments are moving so fast and the pressure to perform at work and privately (social media) is increasing. Not surprisingly, this provides the necessary challenge.

‘Wellbeing is always mental’, there is no wellbeing without mental. According to former psychiatrist, media personality, best-selling author and experience expert Bram Bakker, our brain is connected to the body in everything and you can train mental wellbeing. During Mental Wellbeing Month, Bram Bakker, top Olympic swimmer Sebastiaan Verschuren and an expert behavioral scientist will take you into the world of mental wellbeing. Here, based on three themes, you will learn how to perform optimally while also staying mentally sound in the race.

Mental Wellbeing Month 2023 was rated by participants with an average of 8.7.

Bram Bakker is a former psychiatrist and founder of the Balance Clinic. He has a popular podcast on mental wellness and is a publisher and best-selling author of several books. He is also an organizer of Mental Wellbeing Month in collaboration with EnergyPlatform.

Customized activation campaign

This vitality program starts with a customized activation campaign in which an elite Olympic athlete is the ambassador for your own Mental Wellbeing Month. We also kick off with a live kickoff by Bram Bakker, the Netherlands’ most famous psychiatrist. Bram will take you through the power of positive thinking in an inspiring session.

Specialists and elite Olympic athletes

The following weeks consist of inspiring live sessions. For example, there is a session on Resilience with three-time Olympic field hockey player and silver medalist Sander de Wijn. And a live session on combining Performance & Wellbeing with former top swimmer and three-time Olympic finalist Sebastiaan Verschuren. Also during this month is an inspiring session by Kaylee van Hazendonk, one of our experts in Behavioral Change. We close out the month with a live Q&A College Tour.

EnergyBoosters & Wellbeing Experiences

In addition to the many interactive live sessions, employees can participate in the Mental Wellbeing Experience and several interesting EnergyBoosters are available. In addition, we send out the Mental Wellbeing Update weekly, inspiring you with podcasts, TedTalks, articles, book tips and more.

Behavior Change
Wellbeing & Performance
Mental Wellbeing Experience

What can you expect from Mental Wellbeing Month?

Specially selected topics for Mental Wellbeing Month, brought to you by well-known experts.

A proven effective program for the entire organization.

Latest insights on mental wellbeing.

Interactive live moments with our experts.

Mental Wellbeing Experience, EnergyBoosters and Unique Content.

What does it provide?

A dose of inspiration for you and your colleagues.

Awareness of key themes in mental vitality.

Self-insight, behavior change and personal growth.

Practical tips and tools to increase vitality in the workplace.

Interconnect with all the people in your organization.

Which ultimately leads to greater job happiness and lower absenteeism.

EnergyPlatform’s Mental Wellbeing Month was recommended to us from our health insurance company. We are glad that our health insurance company did this, because the sessions organized by EnergyPlatform during the month were informative and motivating, and absolutely positively surprised us! This initiative was well received by our employees, which was reflected in the number of participants and the high ratings they gave the sessions.


From the moment of initial contact to the end of the program, we were incredibly well served. We were given a small to-do list to work on ourselves but the vast majority was provided and delivered. The communication was good and brought in a fun way with videos, interactive emails and a physical promotional package. In the end, we were very positively surprised by the number of participants and the program was received and reviewed with tremendous enthusiasm. Absolutely highly recommended.

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