November 11 to 17, 2024

Week of Work Stress

Theme Week

We put a positive spin on work stress week

November 11 to 17, 2024

Connection is essential in a field of work where loneliness and workload are increasingly experienced. Indeed, our drive to seek connection is one of our most important survival mechanisms. But how do you connect with yourself, colleagues, organization and society in a world characterized by individualization, technology and a tight labor market

Modern technology has brought unprecedented developments that make it easier for us to connect technically, but often those developments create unforeseen problems that make us feel more alone, stressed and isolated. Tools that promise us more connection but end up getting in the way of real connection and depth. In the Week of Work Stress & Connection, we will work on this!

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Thijs Launspach – Psychologist, author and speaker

9+ live sessions
5+ EnergyBoosters
2 Challenges
15+ Academy Items
Wellbeing & Performance
Rest & Relaxation

What to expect

Topics selected specifically for Work Stress Week
A boost in vitality awareness for all your employees
A proven effective program for the entire organization
A new challenging EnergyBooster every day
Interactive live moments in the morning, afternoon and evening
Inspiring experts, top athletes and scientists speak out
Academy with ironclad content such as podcasts, articles and TED Talks
Opportunity to upgrade your program with on-site workshops

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