In collaboration with well-known specialists, elite athletes and partner organizations, we develop powerful, innovative and impactful vitality programs with various Health, Wellbeing & Performance themes. These programs all run at a fixed period in the year that you can connect to, but the programs can also be purchased separately for your own organization at any time during the year.

Mental Wellbeing MontH

Health & Lifestyle Month

Flourish & Flow Program

Recharge & Perform

Vitality Week

Week of Work Stress

EnergyPlatform video


We are proud of the unique and innovative program management system we developed ourselves. With EnergyPlatform, we are able to completely unburden our clients. From startup to activation and from program management to making results transparent. EnergyPlatform is very user-friendly and can be used via both desktop and smartphone.

After more than 10 years, we know what we are doing. Would you also like to contribute directly to the Health, Wellbeing & Performance of employees in your company? If so, we are happy to create a program for this. Let’s go!

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