The 5Es of EnergyPlatform

EnergyPlatform is all about positive energy, inspiration, commitment, vigor and expertise. We have compiled these core values into the 5Es.


Our energy is contagious. We have the ability to keep going. We enjoy action and embrace change. We have positive energy, are proactive, sharp, constructive and optimistic. Work we love, because the fulfillment of our work is an extension of who we are. We take good care of ourselves as the basis for this energy.


We have the ability to transmit energy to others. We inspire to get moving and enjoy it. We have a mission and can communicate it and see ourselves as ambassadors of this mission.


We are committed people with a genuine, deep, authentic enthusiasm for our work. We care about our colleagues and the organization. We love to learn and grow. We are always prepared and passionate about our craft to improve ourselves and the organization. We express appreciation to others and dwell on accomplishments.


We possess the ability to execute. We dare to make decisions and immediately turn them into concrete actions. We can be tough on substance, but remain soft on the person. We feel that just doing what is asked is never enough. We surprise and always go the extra mile to make a positive impact.


We bring expertise to everything we do. We know what we are talking about. At work, we do what we do best every day. We encourage curiosity and are experts in our field. We actively seek dissent and do not stay in our comfort zone. We do not keep our expertise to ourselves but are happy to share it.