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Recharge & Perform Kick-off

On Tuesday, Oct. 31, 4 p.m., EnergyPlatform presents the Kick-off of the Recharge & Perform program with Olympic Speed Skating Champion Mark Tuitert.

Striving for more, the urge to go harder, always looking to improve and wanting to be faster. They are wonderful drives that many of us are familiar with. But to get anywhere, recovery is just as important. And we sometimes forget that: after a period of achievement, there needs to be time to recharge the battery.

In the four-week Recharge & Perform program, explore at what times you can relax more and where you can apply more focus. You’ll attend interactive webinars with experts, create thought-provoking EnergyBoosters and find in-depth content in EnergyPlatform’s Academy. Joining is simple: just press the button above and register immediately!

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