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You don’t win the tour on the mountain but in bed

We are addicted to stimuli. With over a million Dutch with burnout and even more people whose buckets are nearly overflowing, the question is: why is this and how can we do something about it? There is no such thing as the solution, but that we should recharge a little more often is certain. Emails, apps, social media, the news, birthdays: our brains are working overtime. In these crowds, we are running with blinders on. Why is it that the best ideas often surface during a short walk, in the shower or when you are just doing nothing at all?

For many people, the battery slowly drains and sometimes it all becomes too much. Time to recharge! But how do you actually do that? We are no longer used to doing nothing for a while. As soon as we sit quietly on a train station, in the car or in the doctor’s waiting room: get on the phone and provide yourself with a dose of stimuli. In the Recharge & Perform Program, we are going to teach you and your colleagues how to truly recharge. How stillness and peace can have a tremendously beneficial effect on your performance afterwards and what small adjustments you can make in daily life for more peace and space in body and mind.

Sit back, recharge & perform!

Coming soon! The Recharge & Perform Program will be available beginning in mid-May. More information to follow.

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We are proud of the unique and innovative program management system we developed ourselves. With EnergyPlatform, we are able to completely unburden our clients. From startup to activation and from program management to making results transparent. EnergyPlatform is very user-friendly and can be used via both desktop and smartphone.

After more than 10 years, we know what we are doing. Would you also like to contribute directly to the Health, Wellbeing & Performance of employees in your company? If so, we are happy to create a program for this. Let’s go!

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