Maximum exposure in a short time

These activities can be used organization-wide to facilitate large groups of participants. In doing so, we achieve maximum exposure in a relatively short period of time.


The EnergyScan is an ideal starting point to flesh out a well-thought-out vitality program, with a strong message and a clear dot on the horizon. It was designed by a team of psychologists and organizational culture experts. For different organizational levels, it provides insight into the key vitality challenges and needs of employees.

Social Support
Personal development
Working Conditions
Vital Leadership


An inspiring kick-off gets your Vitality Program off to a flying start. It gets people to sign up right away and we see higher engagement at the start of the program.

Inspiration Carousel

The way to make a lot of impact in a relatively short time is with the Inspiration Carousel. Within two hours, your colleagues will be more energized, motivated and fully inspired! The Inspiration Carousel will take you through various topics of Health, Wellbeing & Performance.

This is not a boring lecture but these are three interactive live sessions brimming with inspiration, fun ways of working and concrete tips for employees.

You choose three topics beforehand. These are addressed in three rounds and a total of nine 30-45 minute sessions by our on-site specialists. In doing so, we take both individual and team performance to the next level. Possible topics include: creativity, nutrition & exercise, focus, resilience, sleep, wellbeing & performance, behavior change and more.

Work-Private Balance
Nutrition & Exercise

Inspiration session

With different types of inspiration sessions, we inspire and motivate you and your colleagues. From a small group to a large venue, the various forms of live sessions allow you to inspire and connect your employees. For example, consider an inspiring presentation by a TedX speaker, expert or Olympic athlete.

We take you through current vitality topics within your organization and beyond. Sessions can vary and we tailor them entirely to the needs of your organization. These activations ultimately increase the effectiveness of your Health, Wellbeing & Performance program.

Inspiration afternoon at EnergyPlatform

Another fun way to get your team excited and motivated is an Inspiration Afternoon at EnergyPlatform. Our office at the Galgenwaard stadium in Utrecht is always ready for an inspiring session from one of our experts and tour of the Galgenwaard’s dressing rooms, catacombs and grandstand.

en Interactieve live sessie

During our programs, we use interactive live moments. This involves visiting us on location or working online.

Is the number of live moments in a program not enough to serve all your employees? Then, of course, we would be happy to think with you. With the use of additional live moments, we ensure that everyone in your organization can participate in our programs.

Are you a partner or have a Health, Wellbeing & Performance Program? Then you always get at least 30% off all upgrades.

Individual workshop on location

One of our experts will come to your location for a workshop
Duration: 1 hour
Free choice of various Health, Wellbeing & Performance topics
Maximum of 25 participants

Interactive live moment

An online interactive live moment from one of our experts
Duration: 1 hour
Free choice of various Health, Wellbeing & Performance topics
Maximum of 50 participants
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