With these activations, you’re going to reach people in ways you’ve never done before

People don’t hook on a program, but on a story. With our creative and innovative way of communication, your message will be translated into a unique experience.

Success hinges on activation: you can only make the first impression once. Therefore, we have developed a number of innovative activations that help spread the important message about Health, Wellbeing & Performance.


Telling your story to your employees in a unique and innovative way? Through the interactive StoryCard, you can enthuse and activate a large group of employees for your Health, Wellbeing & Performance vitality program.

With the StoryCard, we use a mix of video, virtual & augmented reality, riddles, questions and audio clips.

The StoryCard will appear in physical and/or digital form in your mailbox or at your office. The possibilities are almost endless: for example, we’ll have your organization’s CEO talk about the importance of the program, take a virtual tour of your office, and show what your colleagues can expect and participate in.

Experiencing it now? Point your phone’s camera at the StoryCard QR code on this page and be surprised by the interaction. Are you viewing this page on your phone? Then you can also click on the map.

Paperless office? With our StoryCard Eco, we print this interactive activation on growing paper: the butterflies and bees in your employees’ garden will be delighted!


An EnergyWalk is a walk 3.0, through which we literally get your audience moving and taking them with a digital story into the real world. With EnergyWalks , you enthuse a large group of employees about Health, Wellbeing & Performance topics. During the interactive walk you will unlock new information all the time and test your knowledge in an innovative way.

You will learn more about topics such as sleep, focus, nutrition, relaxation and mindset. The experience is a mix of videos, virtual and augmented reality, riddles, questions and audio clips. As with the StoryCard, you can make it as crazy as you want!

Interactive poster

One of our best activations is the interactive poster. Hang this poster in your office and introduce people to the upcoming vitality program through the QR code. Or grant your employees a relaxing moment by letting them virtually travel to a beach in Malta.

Already experiencing it for yourself? You can! Scan the QR code and then point your camera at the interactive poster of the coconut. Relax-ze!

On a bicycle with

In Op De Fiets Met, EnergyPlatform founder Tijs Koedam engages with directors, health managers, doctors and specialists to share inspiring stories about Health, Wellbeing & Performance. In mid-April, the fourth season of On The Bicycle With will be recorded! Ready to be inspired? Starting in May, the new stories will be shared again and you can find them here on the website.

Interactive Magazine

The interactive magazine is the extension of the interactive poster. In this activation, we provide a fully customized magazine on Health, Wellbeing & Performance with a number of innovative elements. Think augmented and virtual reality.

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